So the initial plan upon receiving the book last week was to translate at least half of the stories before the 10th, but well… Translating. Takes. SO. MUCH. TIME. And I don’t even take into consideration the TLC & editing process… (And yeah, some might translate those stories with machine translation, which is a shame because half of them stories are so complex to even read!!)
So instead, I wrote short, quick summaries & key points of the two stories I’ve read so far! I might also complete this page over time with the remaining, undone stories. Enjoy!

Note: No one has done any editing pass on this yet. The short summaries might contain typos or grammar mistakes. Sorry!
— Celest

SAO —IF Pitohui was dragged into the SAO incident—


If Kirito and Asuna Were to Play a Zombie Game…

The story starts straight with Kirito and Asuna running away from zombies. Those zombies are called “Undead” in the game the couple currently play, “DWO”, which is short for “Dead World Online”.

While Kirito is already amazed at the gameplay of the tutorial they’re going through, it isn’t really the case for Asuna, afraid by the environment. But despite that, Asuna has the will to continue playing. The basic equipment given during the tutorial is a pistol with 15 rounds, a knife, and some recovery medicine.
They came to log in DWO after Agil introduced them to this game, still in its Beta phase. The game does use The Seed. And above everything, if you die in the game, you won’t be able to log in it anymore…

Kirito tries to save as many rounds as he can, but with all the zombies around him, this is a rather difficult task for him. Instead, they notice an old abandoned motorbike far away from them. As Kirito drives the motorbike around, Asuna, his girlfriend backpack, tries to shoot at zombies. That’s because she’s not used to the Bullet Circle Prediction system, the very same one used in GGO.

The tutorial ended as soon as Asuna ran out of bullets. As much scared as she is, she rants that a tutorial shouldn’t be as scary as that.

Shortly after, the couple take on a quest with several other players… (Cont.)

Dream Game —Crossover—


Death Game: —Elimination—

The story begins in Aincrad with the main character of the story, Hono, who fell from a high place after heading out to a dungeon with Submass Norwich, his guild (“Snow Roof”)’s teammate.
Their guild is pretty much weak, and the two players are afraid for the danger. Still, the two players’ mission today was to collect information from a dungeon.
Hono landed in unknown whereabouts surrounded with rocks. The fear of dying from falling from Aincrad still runs through his body, but somehow, Hono is still alive. Norwich contacts him from Instant Messages. Surprisingly, Teleport Crystals don’t work for Hono here.

Fast forward to a dozen of hours later. Hono wanders through this unknown land, with the fear of Hunger killing him. In the process, the two players exchange messages where they think that he landed onto some bugged area, right below the 1st Floor, where he wasn’t supposed to be. Hence why he didn’t receive Falling damages or Teleport Crystal not working.

As a joke to lighten up the mood, he ordered Norwich to clear SAO within two weeks.

Fast forward to a week later. Hunger runs through Hono’s body, but the pain he feels keeps him away from becoming mentally insane from boredom. He wonders if suicide would be better than rotting away slowly in this place.

One day, Hono receives a message. His guildmates just cleared the 59th floor, and told him to wait for them to finish clearing Aincrad.

But that’s now already too late for Hono…

Great Detective Koyomi/Speckled Cat


At the Children’s Steps


Silica and The Ghost Girl: How Do I Break This Curse


A Story About Kirito’s Role, if Asuna Were to Open a Restaurant

The story starts with Asuna asking Kirito if they could quit the front for three days, and open a restaurant.
Our boy has never had any experience in working in a part-time restaurant, so he gets to enjoy this new sensation for him. He hasn’t raised any cooking skill in Aincrad, either. When asked what role he’d like to take on, he replies “anything but the kitchen.” In the end, the boy will take on the role of waiter.
Their first customer is Klein, leader of the guild Fuurinkazan. He gets to eat a salad of seasonal vegetables and edible flowers as the entrée. The second dish is a margherita pizza made by Asuna. She and Kirito decided to cook him this plate because during the first day of Sword Art Online, Klein ordered a pizza in real-life but couldn’t get to eat it as he got trapped in Aincrad. Klein gets emotional, seeing as Kirito remembers this detail.
The second batch of customers barging in the restaurant are Nishida and his friends. They order some authentic Japanese seafood, carpaccio, roasted beef, panna cotta for dessert and some good alcohol. Needless to say, everything was homemade by Asuna.
Klein teases Asuna as everyone would go crazy if they discovered the Sub-Captain opened a restaurant, and found out that her cuisine tastes great.
After the guests left the restaurant, Asuna told Kirito to go home first while she cleans the restaurant.
When Asuna came back home later, she surprises him with a meal. It was some sashimi with a homemade sauce.
And so continued the adventures of the couple serving customers in a restaurant…

Sword Art Online – If You Can Smile

Translation available on the website!

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