Raws: Celest (Additional help from Setsugen-no-ao)
Comparison: Celest

I skipped most of the changes related to small positions and mouth changes, as well as camera zooms, because those aren’t really relevant.

Please buy the blu-ray if you can afford it, it’s worth it.

I’ll finish with a random trivia: Unlike Alicization, the Progressive movies’ production resolution is 900px.

(Images hosted on Imgur).

00_01_35.262: Colour tone & lightning change

00_01_38.849: Colour tone & lightning change

00_02_23.769: Lind’s face and armour parts redrawn + shading change

00_02_48.543: Lind’s face rdrawn + position change

00_03_23.578: Heavy character redraws

00_03_59.281: Boss lightly redrawn + comp change

00_05_58.525: Comp, redraws, position changes

00_09_43.208: More skin from Argo revealed thorough the pan, cape redrawn

00_09_43.208: Shading change

00_14_46.636: Tone change

00_18_36.407: Comp change

00_20_30.062: Face redraw

00_21_16.192: Redraw, background change

00_22_27.346: Redraw

00_23_52.514: Redraw

00_26_26.418: Comp change + redraw

00_30_43.383: Comp change

Bath scene: A few redraws & comp changes

00_44_14.944: One chicken stick removed from the bowl

01_03_37.939: One finger for Kirito removed

01_03_37.939: Menu change + comp

01_04_44.130: Redraws, comp changes

01_10_22.134: Yes, they made Kirito’s face look derpier in the BD.

Boss fight scene PART 1: A few redraws, background fixes and comp changes

Boss fight scene PART 2: A few redraws, background fixes and comp changes (same)

01_25_08.437 & 01_27_38.128: Redraws

Rubbing salt on the wound: No tears added

Credits: No changes, except for the position

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